Refill - Gingerbread - 2 oz.

Refill - Gingerbread - 2 oz.
Item# D.R. Gingerbread 2 oz.
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Product Description

Reed Diffuser Refill includes 2 oz. oil and bundle of 10 reeds

Spicy Gingerbread, warm and inviting, fresh from the oven! Buttery goodness mixed with ginger, sweet burnt sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and rich creamy vanilla.

You asked for it so we brought it back! ENJOY!!


Refill - Clove - 4 oz.
Reed Diffuser Refill includes: 4 oz. oil and 2 bundles of 10 reeds

Clove is one of those scents that reminds you of baking on cold winter days. Spicy and sweet at the same time, it brings back happy memories!
D.R. Clove 4 oz.
White Patchouli 1 oz.
1 oz. bottle of Refresher Oil - included eyedropper

The woody, earthy smell of Patchouli is mixed with an aromatic blend of lily of the valley, rose, orange, and vanilla bean.

Note: I am not a fan of Patchouli but I really like this one.
R.O. White Patchouli