Peppermint - 2 oz.

Peppermint - 2 oz.
Item# Lotion - Peppermint 2 oz.

Product Description

Picture shows both sizes of Yogurt Hand & Body Lotion

This page is for purchasing the 2 oz. size

All natural base is infused with essential oils to make a good smelling, good for you lotion.

PEPPERMINT - Invigorating - promotes mental clarity, digestion, alleviates headaches and joint pains.

IDEA: Rub on your feet at the end of a long day. The coolness is so refreshing!


Refill - Bayberry & Clove - 1 oz.
Reed Diffuser Refill includes: 1 oz. oil and bundle of 10 reeds


The classic scent of bayberry mixed with spicy clove is wonderful when used indoors during the winter.

Trivia: Colonial Americans added the berries to Christmas candles because of their wonderful aroma.
D.R. Bayberry & Clove 1 oz.
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