Lemongrass - 2 of the 2 oz. jars

Lemongrass - 2 of the 2 oz. jars
Item# Lotion - 2 - 2 oz. - Lemongrass
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I know this isn't the right picture for this listing but wanted this to be available to you right away.

This page is for purchasing 2 of the 2 oz. size for $5.00. Save $1.00 purchasing this way instead of separately.

All natural base is infused with essential oils to make a good smelling, good for you lotion.

LEMONGRASS - Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory


Lots of Ladybugs
Lavender Flower from France is combined with small amounts of flax seed and sewn into fabric pouches. COTTON MATERIAL

Lavender is a natural relaxant that has been used by people for over 2,500 years - that's a pretty good track record so don't think it's a fad that is here today and then onto the new "next best thing".

Lavender helps relieve headaches, emotional stress, insomnia, eye strain, and even puffy eyes by acting as a anti-spasmodic on inflamed blood vessels in the brain, scalp, neck, and around eyes.
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