Holiday Memories Combo - Bag & 2 oz. Refresher Oil

Holiday Memories Combo - Bag & 2 oz. Refresher Oil

Item# Combo - Holiday Memories - 2 oz.
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Product Description

Combo includes: Bag of Potpourri and 2 oz. bottle Refresher Oil (Eyedropper & Refreshing instructions included)

When you think of Pine, those tree shaped air fresheners that dangle from rear view mirrors come to mind. UCK!! This potpourri is fresh, a true pine that brings the outdoors in. Great for those who can't have a real tree because of pets, allergies, space constraints, etc....

Note: This is the same Balsam Pine scent that we have used for the Holiday Memories for the past 10 years. However, the potpourri looks MUCH different! The fern that we use as the base for the Holiday Memories didn't make it - the whole crop failed. So we created a new look and so far we've only had 3 people who prefer the old look and that's because the darker green worked better with their decor. We hope you like it and we're guessing, based on response, that we will keep making it with the botanicals in the picture. Sometimes it's good to make changes!!

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