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We're home and getting back into the swing of things! It's so beautiful that I'm trying to do as much of my work outside as I can. Today we're making Yogurt Hand & Body Lotion so that's an inside project, but we can look out the window to see all the daffodils that have bloomed. I got one single tulip. So very sad. Hope you're out enjoying this lovely spring day!




It seems that the Yahoo email is having issues. It deleted all my emails except for a few from 2013 and 2014 that I had saved. I know I had two active emails from people that I was talking back and forth with. They are gone! So if that was you, please email me on There have been no new emails for 4 days and that is weird in itself, because as we all know, junk mail never stops!


They say first impressions are formed in the first 30 seconds. Because of the program we used to create our website, we'll be the first to admit that our Homepage isn't anything special. The good stuff is on all the product pages!

Please come in and take a look at all the products we have to offer. We encourage you to STICK YOUR NOSE IN OUR BUSINESS!


Raise your hand if you want FREE SHIPPING!!! Orders over $35.00 are shipped free. Ask around work or the neighborhood and see if anyone needs some good smelling stuff. Place the order together and as my dad would say, "Beat the system".



Shipping is $5.50 for orders under $35.00

ORDERS $35.00 OR MORE ARE SHIPPED FREE, so we will deduct the shipping manually from your invoice before processing your credit card.

We usually ship within two days and ship via Priority Mail.

If you'd rather place your order by phone, please feel free to give us a call at (814) 354-2296. All website specials and coupons are eligible even if you place your order by phone, email, or mail. Don't forget to check out the Website Special page for more savings and special offers!